InnerHarmony Family Chiropractic

About Us

People often tell us that when they first walk into our practice, they feel welcomed and at home and they leave with renewed hope, some even say they have hope for the first time. So many comment on the peaceful presence and energy of the environment and know they are in the right place to get help.

We have a very lively office with many individuals and families coming and going for their adjustments. On a typical day you will see babies, children, teenagers, young adults, parents, grandparents all coming in for their adjustments. The people we serve become a special community and like they’re part of a family. There is lots of joy and we aim to care with compassionate intention to bring people back to health.

As Registered Chiropractors and Active Members in Good Standing with the CCO (College of Chiropractors of Ontario), we are proud and honoured to serve people and help to improve their overall health & wellbeing through the care and correction of their spine.